Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I've Been Busy!!!

I was kidnapped by a tribe of wild Indians. I won a trip around the world and was not allowed to use a computer. I was on a spy mission to a far away land and just now returned. The mother ship called and I had to go. Any one of these would be a good excuse of why I haven't updated this blog in a long time. But alas, none are true. I have started a new job! That's all I have in the way of an explanation. I kept meaning to update my blog but time just seemed to slip on by. After a while it seemed anti-climatic to post because nothing all that exciting had happened in life. The explanation definitely isn't glamorous enough to constitute the amount of time that has escaped. Still, I will give it a go. I now work with kids... and adults... and monkeys. Oh wait, it's just kids and adults, they just act like monkeys sometimes. I am assisting the children and student ministries pastor at my church. While it's not all gum drops and rainbows I can tell you there is way too much candy present on any given day. For the most part I assist the pastor in scheduling and administrative work. Yes, I left the exciting world of media to serve Jesus and kids. Though I miss the daily rush of news and deadlines I have really enjoyed the new gig and discovering some talents I didn't know I have. I also love that the job includes a summer mission trip to Mexico with our Sr High students. I have wanted to go for a couple of years and just haven't been able to make it happen. This year I get to go, don't have to take time off from work AND they pay my expenses! Woo Hoo! Summer camp with jr high kids is also one of the things I'm looking forward to. I'm sure after the trips and other summer activities that collapsing and being alone will be important. There's not much more to say at this time. No new tattoos or piercings, no big trips in the weeks to come. I'm hoping for good news in the near future. I'll keep my two blogging buddies posted should there be changes on the horizon.