Saturday, September 09, 2006

I tuned the ge-tar

I feel so accomplished. I can hold, tune and strum the guitar! Music is in my heart... but I'm afraid it doesn't come all that naturally to the rest of me. I sing around the house and think I could write songs if I sat down and allowed myself some time. I have some background in music. I have been in several choirs but didn't enjoy the group setting or the long practices required. Getting called down for talking was never much fun either. I played the trumpet from 6th through 9th grade but pretty much sucked. I took piano in elementary school for a short while but was too undisciplined to practice to see the skill developed. If there is musical talent in me it is hiding. Unfortunately for those around me it doesn't usually stop me. I don't even need to know the words to the song to fully enjoy a sing along. I have been thinking for about a year that I would like to play the guitar. I bought one in May and have been moving it around since. Well today I picked it up and tuned it. I don't know one note from another - but I am playing it just the same. My new Guitar for Dummies dvd should come in the mail soon. A friend of mine that plays beautifully told me to practice at least 20 minutes every day. I would like to - but I'm not that serious yet. I need to get reacquainted with reading music and figure out what notes each string represents. There are about a million combinations. I'm on my way now that the instrument is actually tuned!