Monday, July 31, 2006

A Blockbuster Weekend Indeed!

I returned home from a week at camp with jr high kids from my church completely drained and fighting a cold. I stopped by Blockbuster on my way home to stock up for what would prove to be a marathon movie watching weekend. Eight plus movies later - I'm afraid I can only recommend a couple of them... and that's only if you don't have sensitive ears. Does every movie have the f-word in it these days? Directors that plan to go beyond the pg rating must just consider it a free-for-all because it was every other word in many of the movies I watched. I wasn't really shocked that it was in some of the movies. However, I was very shocked by the frequency that the f-bomb was dropped. Here is the list: Bench Warmers. Did you see Napoleon Dynamite? The director of that flick did this movie... so I was gonna give it a chance. BAD MOVIE! I like boy jokes and bathroom humor - but this movie crossed a line. Don't waste your time. Kung Fu Hustle. I was informed going into this that you would love it or hate it. I fell somewhere in between - but it was far from the love it side. I wanted it to be really funny. I was ready for a good laugh. There are moments that are very clever, but overall - a bad kung fu movie with only one good dance number in the whole thing. Fight Club. I had seen it before. It was much better the second time. Maybe the context allowed for more appreciation this time through - or perhaps I was too sleepy the first time I watched it. But it was great this last time. I will warn you - this is one of the movies where the director was unable to plug anything but the f-word into every sentence. Still, the movie is good. Snatch. Brad Pitt was good in this film. I like him as an actor overall. The movie reminded me a bit of the usual suspects, one of my favorite movies. Snatch develops the characters in a fun way by putting them in funny criminal settings. Again, not for the easily offendable... but I don't think it has any nudity. Drumline. This was a disapointment. I was really prepared for a good time on this one. My brother has listed it as one of his favorites and many people had told me it was good. Well, apparently I had the bar set too high because it was just ok. Or maybe it was that I had seen so many other movies. Anyway - it was fun if you have ever been in marching band. The beats are fun and it brought back good memories... but it definently had the feel of Bring it On and other highschool type movies. Annapolis. I generally love military and movies of any kind. This fell flat. Yes, he was able to overcome and got to stay in the academy... but it was a little predictable and well - I wouldn't see it again or recommend it to anyone else. Saving Private Ryan. It was the first time I saw this. WOW. No wonder it won awards. Spielberg is good at his job! Everyone has surely seen this movie by now - but if you haven't... it's worth seeing. But, like I said - I love military/war movies. This is what I have to show for my weekend. The good news - the snot is clear again! lol I knew you would want to rejoice in my good health.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The late fee scam

The public library does not profile. Anyone that lives in the city can check out books. I know this because if they did profile I wouldn't be allowed to check out books, videos or cds. I want to learn to play the guitar. After purchasing the instrument I went to the library to check out an instructional video. I knew there would be late fees if I failed to return it on time. I forgot to return it. It was an honest mistake. An honest mistake that cost me a dollar a day! What happened to the three cents a day that was charged when I was a kid!?! Ouch. Here's the thing... It was an old video that nobody would buy for the price I had to pay in late fees. Returning videos on time used to be a problem for me. I could barely get them in to save my life. Then Blockbuster dumped their late fees and all of a sudden I am able to return movies with no problem. I thought I was cured. Apparently not. Perhaps the library was giving me grace since it's been so many years since I checked anything out. The librarian may not be so kind should I try to check out that video again. AND I do want to borrow it again because I can't find it anywhere else. Dangit! That's how they get ya!